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All About Pests

Rat Control

The experts at Proterra understand that rats and rodents can be extremely problematic to any home or business. Rats can infest just about any building or area regardless of how old your home or property is or its current state. On top of that, the topic of rodents or rats is hardly ever talked about. Our goal at Proterra is to help you feel less embarrassed and more proactive about rat and mice infestations and how to get help. We will help you educate yourself and prevent the spread of any diseases or bacteria these rodents may be carrying!

Don’t allow rats or rodents to continue being a constant problem for you! Contact Proterra today for a free estimate so you can start living rat-free! Our rodent extermination services include Norway rats, pack rats, roof rats, house mice, and more!

Common Household Pests

We know about pests and you can too.
Visit our Pest Library for information on the habits and habitats of some of the most common pests, plus easy ways to control them.

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