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Why can’t I just do a one shot treatment?
One shots only kill adult pests and the treatments cannot penetrate an egg that has future baby bugs that come back. At any given time, there are pests that have laid eggs and most eggs hatch within a few weeks to 12 months. Regular treatment helps eliminate pest cycles in and around your home. The best part about a year-long program is the 100% guarantee, which means you get unlimited free re-services between regular visits.
Why am I seeing more bugs after the initial treatment?
There are several reasons for this, while we are disrupting their breeding sites, they begin to scatter. Another reason is they are starting to pass away and are coming out of the nest right before they pass away. After 10-12 days, if you are still seeing more than an occasional pest, please call for a free re-service. It’s true that the colonies or infestation might need an extra treatment or two. These are free visits and we just need to know if these pests are still being persistent.
Are your service pros licensed?
Our service pros are not only state-licensed professionals, but they also go through a rigorous safety and pest prevention training program. They are screened by random employee drug testing, criminal background checks prior to being hired and these screenings are followed by an annual motor vehicle report checks. We take pride in only hiring the best.
Does Proterra treat the inside?
Proterra’s guarantee control over pests for both the inside and outside of your home. Dependent upon the level of infestation, our pest specialist will often recommend treatment solely on the exterior of the home. Because all pests’ problems originate from the outside, most insects can be controlled through regular exterior maintenance. This will also ensure minimal use of products inside of your home.
Will outside treatments wash away as a result of rain or moisture?
Once a liquid treatment has dried, a durable residual barrier has adhered to the surface and will resist being washed away by rain. If your specialist performs service in wet conditions, he or she may utilize granules or other treatment measures to guarantee your home’s full protection. Different products may also be used throughout the seasons for maximum control. Your specialist will know best when to apply products in different weather conditions to guarantee your home’s protection.
Will it damage my lawn or vegetation?
Absolutely not!
Is it safe for my pets?
All of our products are Pet and Kid friendly

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