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Miami’s top 10 most annoying Pests

#1 Ants: They never stop eating, don’t wash their hands and just want to hang out with their friends all day (Kind of like teenage kids)

#2 Cockroaches: I’d love to tell you how they feed their young. But I want to keep this PG. Trust me; it’s gross.

#3 Fleas and ticks: The most faithful of friends, once they find someone they like, they stick to them.

#4 Spiders: While walking through their webs, can you do a funky dance in seconds, and not all of them are as nice as Charlotte, says Wilbur the pig.

#5 Wasps and mud Daubers: They stink and bite and they have no human friends.

#6 Aphids and Whiteflies: They don’t just like to smell the roses, they eat them too.

#7 Silverfish: They creep around your bathroom and pantry and will choose a cereal bowl over a fish bowl anyday.

#8 Rodents: They’ll eat anything, just watch the movie ratatouille and you’ll know what I mean.

#9 Crickets: Will eat your plants and they love to see who can sing the loudest.

#10 Snails and slugs: Damage plants and attract rodents to your property because the rodents think they are Escargot (thanks, MR Snail)

Bugs are always present, even when you don’t see them

Our services provide a 10/10 Peace of Mind Guarantee

  •  Sweeping down spider webs and wasps nests
  •  Treating all key entry points
  •  Full inside/outside warranty
  •  Free re-services
  • Quick response time
  • Peace of mind guarantee
  • People and pet friendly products
  • And much more!

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