Carpet Beetle


Carpet beetle larvae cause damage to fabrics, crawling from room to room while living behind baseboards, molding, in heating air ducts, dresser drawers, carpets, clothing and furniture. Feeding damage often occurs under heavy furniture or pianos and at carpet edges.

Adult carpet beetles also feed on animal and plant substances such as wool, fur, feathers, hair, hides, horns, silk, velvet, felts, bone, seeds, grain, cereals, cake mixes, red pepper, rye meal and flour. Other substances include powdered milk, dog and cat food, leather, book bindings, dead insects, bird and rodent nests, and even cotton, linen, rayon, and jute, especially when stained with spilled food and animal excreta.

Prevention Tips: They are attracted to lights at night, and may enter through an open window or door. Make sure to repair or replace damaged window and door screens, vents, etc. Carpet beetles may also be brought in accidentally on cut flowers or in furniture that has been stored or sent out for repair.